UV LED Curing Systems

UV LED curing is a relatively new technology that changes a liquid into a solid using ultraviolet (UV) energy. When the energy is absorbed, a polymerization reaction occurs that changes the UV material into a solid. This process happens instantaneously, making it an appealing alternative to traditional drying methods.

While the UV LED curing system is a newer process, it has become more common because of the multitude of benefits that it offers. This process provides a more effective curing method for a variety of applications, while also offering advantages for the environment.

Awellcure UV provides extensive UV LED curing experience, product knowledge, and technical expertise.  Our products integrate the latest semiconductor technology, optics, thermal, electronic, and mechanical components available. Built with only the highest quality materials, our LED UV curing devices are viable alternatives to older technologies. 

 UV LED Curing Technology

UV LED curing uses light-emitting diodes which convert electrical current into light. When the electrical current flows through an LED, it gives off ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet light causes chemical reactions in the molecules within the liquid, forming chains of polymers until the liquid becomes a solid. This process is a new technology that was designed to provide solutions to many of the issues found in traditional UV curing and heat-set drying.

In the past, the UV curing process used mercury arc lamps. These lamps would create the ultraviolet light that would change liquid inks, adhesives, and coatings into a solid. This type of UV curing process is still used in some industries such as packaging, but it can negatively affect the environment. Because of this and other reasons, many industries are making the switch to newer LED UV curing. 

Benefits of UV LED Curing Technology 

Traditional mercury arc lamps have proved several disadvantages in recent years, particularly for the environment. They produce ozone and need exhaust systems to help prevent contaminated air. These UV curing systems also require a lot of energy to operate, and they create a lot of heat. As previously stated, they also involve the use of mercury which has a long-term, environmental impact.

UV LED curing offers all the benefits of traditional curing, but also provides solutions to the negative environmental impact. This new technology reduces heat radiation and offers instant on-and-off switching. UV LED curing also does not require the use of moving parts. All of these help to reduce the amount of energy required.

Beyond environmental benefits, LED UV printing also allows printers to use different heat-sensitive substrates, as well as achieve unique and artistic effects. It also provides increased productivity because of how quickly and effectively it cures liquid UV Chemistry. Contact us to learn more.

UV LED Curing Applications

While the traditional UV curing process has been used for decades, the new UV LED curing technology is quickly replacing it in many of its common applications. The UV LED curing technology is used for a variety of applications that involve adhesives, coatings, and printing inks. This method is ideal for any application that requires fast, efficient curing, as well as increased system capabilities and environmental benefits.

From flooring and cabinetry to advanced electronics, many of the coatings that are cured today are done so with UV LED curing technology. It can be useful to virtually any industry that involves inks, varnishes, silicones, seals, or adhesives. The amount of industries and applications are expanding all the time as this new technology is adopted into the workplace.

In addition to these uses, the process can also be found in: 

Medical Device Manufacturing




Food Packaging

Graphic Arts 

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