Awellcure Group is a global company, We are committed to design, manufacture and provide the highest UV LED curing products. 

We have a full set of production lines and solutions in the UV industry, as well as providing good service and technical support.

Awellcure has its own R&D center, sales center in Shanghai, and a branch in Shenzhen.

Main Products

-UV-LED Spot curing system

-UV-LED Line curing system

-UV-LED Area curing system

-UV-LED Oven curing

-UV-LED Conveyor curing

-UV-LED Measuring system

Main Application

-Adhesives curing for industrial bonding and sealing

such as in electronic,optical,automotive,metal,and medical field.

-Drying of UV-LED inks,coatings and lacquers

such as in offset,flexo,inkjet,label printing field.